Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Judah!!

Well it's past midnight and I'm still up.  My son Judah is now officially 6 years old today. 
My little man at 2 years old.

The day he was born (Oct 19, 2005) I was reading the Fort Worth Star Telegram in the lobby at North Hills Hospital. I found an article in the sports section about a Keller High School senior with Down syndrome named Lyndon Laplante. The article was about this young man's dream to score a touchdown for his high school football team and how it became a reality by way of a 99 yard run. 

I was really having a hard time with life/faith, etc and this story gave me hope and encouragement in what was a dark hour of my life.

I'm posting this in honor of Down syndrome awareness month and the incredible positive impact having a child with DS has had on me personally. I'm the fortunate one!

Happy birthday Judah! You have brought so much love and joy to our lives!  I love you more than ever!

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  1. I can not believe your little guy is 6 already! I remember him at the Gifford Christmas party as a little bitty baby with the cutest little mohawk. He's is adorable and I'm glad to see he is doing so well!
    Happy Birthday, Judah!


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