Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Velcro shoes.

Check out Judah's awesome velcro shoes!

I have to say, teaching children with Down syndrome takes a ton of patience.  In my classroom we spend at least as much time practicing proper hygiene and life skills as we do on academics.  There is never enough time in a day, especially for tying shoes.  

If you have a kid with cognitive delays, get them some velcro shoes!  It just makes the world a lot better of a place when the teacher and paraprofessionals don't have to stop and tie shoes every 10 minutes.  I'm a realist.  Kids with Down syndrome generally have a rough time nailing down basic fine motor skills, let alone "chasing a rabbit around a tree and through some hoops" or "down a hole" or however that shoe-tying deal goes.  

Shoes serve a basic function and nowadays they come in a myriad of options, many of which include VELCRO instead of laces.  Jump on the velcro train and allow your kids' teacher and paraprofessionals to focus more on teaching instead of making "rabbit ears".  I even wear velcro shoes sometimes.

Judah and I proudly sporting velcro shoes!

Here's a good tip: Vans and Converse!  If those are too pricey for you, Wal Mart, Target and Payless offer the latest cartoon characters in velcro and you can never go wrong with the old Silver Series stand by.  

Even the girls are drawn to a boy with a nice pair of velcro's.

What I'm saying is, most of my students roll in to my class everyday with triple knotted up shoe laces.  During circle time they manage to Houdini their way out of the foot fortress their parents wrapped them up in and then myself or my aides spend the better part of a few minutes untangling a rats nest of laces.  Simple solution=VELCRO!!!


  1. AMEN! I will say that it is a bit harder to find adult size velcro but they are out there.
    What a wonderful person you seem to be. It does take loads of patience with DS kids but the rewards are so worth it!
    Proud Momma to Ryan (17) with that special designer gene!!

  2. found your blog via my blog....read your awesome story!!! It's awesome finding your passion. If it were not for your son, Judah, you would not be making a difference in the lives of other special "buddies" and if it were not for my little girl "buddy", I would not have adopted another "buddy"....funny how God works.

    and by the way, not ALL of our shoes are velcro.


  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! Stephanie, I read your blog a few days ago and was very touched by your story. My wife and I often talk about all the buddies that never get a chance at life either by way of abortion or institutionalized. It's heartbreaking just to think about. We all have such interesting stories and my hat goes off to you and your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.


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