Monday, January 23, 2012

Driveway Bombing with Judah.

My last post got the wheels spinning in my mind about what my son, Judah, can do.  Ironically, today when we got home from work/school I was tinkering around in my garage while the kids played in the driveway.  Usually Judah kind of pushes around on the little red trike you can see in this video.  To my delight, however, he grabbed Karis' (his older sister) skateboard and started bombing the driveway.  Even more awesome than that, he began to problem solve by figuring out ways to stop himself.  He figured his trike would make a great buffer between his speed and the street.  When Karis came outside she wasn't too pleased he was on her skateboard so I let him use mine and captured some of it on video.

I always feel like I need to include a "moral" or "reason" for each post.  So here it is: just when you think you've got your kid with Down syndrome figured out or become discouraged because of something they "can't" do, they grab a skateboard and start shredding in the driveway!

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