Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trike Rodeo.

A few of my students are pretty athletic.  The one in this video is especially active.  He loves to ride the trike.  On several occasions I have allowed him to ride around the school campus (supervised of course).  My school is almost completely outdoors and entirely paved.  The school was meant to be ridden and I am often tempted to bust out the skateboard after work and shred myself.

I think most of us take for granted the "ability" that it requires to ride a tricycle.  For many kids, it comes naturally, especially because there is not much balancing involved.  To a kid with Down syndrome (or other cognitive delays) it's hard work.  It requires moving legs rapidly to pedal, while looking ahead and being prepared and able to steer the trike in the right direction. Not to mention balance and awareness of surroundings, etc.

Judah has been seeing a physical therapist since he was about 6 months old.  He never crawled.  He went from combat crawling to walking.  We thought he'd never walk; now sometimes we can hardly keep up with him because he loves to run.  Riding a trike... not so much.

But his good buddy in this video sure does!

This kid is a natural on the trike and would probably ride all day if I let him.  Last week I brought the video camera to work and filmed him doing what he does best... ride!

So for those of you (including myself) who may be discouraged about your child's physical ability to do things, watch this video and know that our little buddies are capable.  It's hard for me not to compare Judah to other kids his age with DS.   I must remind myself that just like any other kid, they're all different and grow at their own rate.  They're also just like other kids in that some of them are just not athletic.  They may be talented in other areas or prefer other interests.

For the rest of you that do not have a child with Down syndrome (or cognitive delays), please be patient with our little guys.  Many of the things that we take for granted don't come as easily for them.  They have to work twice as hard and three times as long.  

I'm proud of what Judah can do!  I'm proud of this boy too and I know his family is thrilled that he can rip on a trike!

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  1. Ah, that comparison thing. It stinks! However, as you know, the abilities are their own and they will come. Thank you for the reminder!


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