Monday, January 9, 2012

Whan, tewe, whee!

Over the Christmas break Judah took up smart mouthing me.  I cannot handle a kid talking back, it's bratty and just makes me want to whip the belt out and tan hides.  However, I find myself at a standstill with my own son because it's one of the cutest things he's ever done.  For instance, when told to go potty (yes we still use this word with him and sometimes use it unknowingly with adults) he replies "No potty!" Not so cute at first, but after repeating myself 2-3 times I respond with "I don't like your attitude".  Without skipping a beat he quickly shoots back "Ah! Too!" (attitude).  This kind of response is beginning to get out of hand as he does it with just about every command or even just a suggestion I say to him.  For example:

Me: Close the door buddy. 

Judah: NO BUDDY!

Me: No Judah, close the door please.

Judah: No peez!

Me: Fine, I won't be polite. Close the door now!

Judah: No now!

Me: Really? I'm not asking, I'm telling you.

Judah: Tell eww!

Me: Ok Judah, I'm going to count to 3...

(He quickly interrupts...)

Judah: No whee! (3)

Me: I think you need a spanking for talking back.

Judah: NO BUTT!

Me: Cut it out mister!

Judah: Ith Doe! (mister)

Another example is with TV.  Judah loves TV!  If we let him he'd watch it all day.  His favorites from when he was super little have always been Sesame Street, Backyardigans, and Blues Clues.  Now that he's getting to be a "big boy" he wants to watch anything that has fighting and explosions such as every super hero movie or cartoon, but especially Iron Man.  He also loves rasslin' (WWE).  He has a bad habit of going through our collection of movies and shoving them in my face.  That's his way of letting me know he wants to watch it.  Here's an example of a conversation we might have:

Me: No buddy, no movies right now.

Judah: No 'VEES!

Me: I'm serious buddy, go play with something, you can't just watch TV all the time.  No TV!

Judah: TV!

Me: Go put that DVD back, you're gonna tear it up carrying it around. No DVD's!

Judah: No! Deedle Dee's!

Because of all the fighting shows he watches his favorite word of late is "fight", and he loves to act it out.  If I'm busy or can't play with him he'll argue with me about it like this:

Judah: (at the top of his lungs) DA EEE!!! FIGHT!!! 

(He then begins kicking and punching at/on me if I'm standing or sitting.  If I'm lying down he'll just full on tackle and throw himself on me with elbows and knees flying.)

Me: Not right now buddy, daddy's working (or whatever I may be doing).

Judah: DA EEE!!! NO! FIGHT!!! 

(I get clobbered once again)

Me: I'm sorry buddy, maybe later.

Judah: DA EEE!!! NO!!!  No later!

(A good pummeling once again commences)

Me: Ok pal that's enough, go play with your men (that's what we call his action figures), make them fight.

Judah: NO MEN!

I'm still working on stopping this, but honestly I almost look forward to it because it's so cute and I think it's rad that his little boy side is finally beginning to show.  Most of the time after one of these conversations I just ignore his behavior and he walks off sucking his thumb and pouting.

It's times like these that I understand parents that don't discipline or correct their child with Down syndrome.  I just keep reminding myself that it's only cute now because he's a little boy.

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