Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Trooper.

My little trooper endured his 7th overall surgery (8th time under anesthesia) and 3rd ear tube placement today.  This was really just a routine procedure but I never get used to it.  It makes me nervous every time.  We spent more time in pre-op than the surgery/waiting/recovery combined.  He woke up right away ready to play Angry Birds on the iPad.

Last week the ENT doctor reported that Judah still has a whole in his right ear (with no tube) but the left ear tube fell out some time ago and the hole closed on its own.  So this surgery was just to insert a new tube in the left ear only.  Lately he's had a lot of pressure built up from lack of drainage.  The doctor said it was effecting his hearing.  He hasn't had tubes for quite some time, and since the last tubes he had developed a mean case of snot nose, or what the doctor referred to as:  

"Rhinitis" a very common condition that has many different causes. Basically, rhinitis may be defined as inflammation of the inner lining of the nose. - Medicine Net

It goes on to medically define a runny nose as "rhinorrhea"... fitting.  From now, that's the word I'm using.  Judah is very familiar with "rrhea's"!

So basically, due to all the pressure built up from lack of ear drainage, he's been leaking out of his nose.  A ton!  No fun for anyone.  So the doctor said the tubes should help that out a lot.  He had super rhinnorrhea right before surgery and it smelled bad.  After surgery... it pretty much all cleared up and his nose and ears no longer stank!  Doctors are kind of like magicians.

He was in high spirits all day today after surgery.  He was back to his happy self in no time and putting smiles on faces for the rest of the day.  He basically sang the whole 3 hour trip back home to some songs of his request ("Iron Man" by Black Sabbath) and many on my request... Rancid, Minor Threat,  etc.  I know, I know... some of you are probably thinking I'm crazy for exposing him to that loud rock music right after an ear surgery... but he was like a new kid.  So full of life again!

I feel like my buddy hasn't been himself for a couple of months until today.  I can pin point it to right around Thanksgiving.  He has been especially ornery, grouchy, and defiant since then.  I guess I would be too if I had major pressure built up in my sinuses and couldn't hear very well because of it.

On another note, this was my first day absent as a first year teacher.  Not too shabby, but then again I'm not one to call in.  Especially because I love what I do.  I love my boy more though!  Welcome back buddy!

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