Wednesday, October 3, 2012

School days.

The school year is in full swing.  My favorite time of the year is here.  Fall and on into winter.  Unfortunately, in the desert southwest, we don't get much of either.  Just really nice weather.  I'll take it.  It beats the heat.  I do miss the change of seasons from back home in Texas though.  I try to bring the seasons to my classroom through bulletin board art.  I call it "teacher graffiti".  Last school year I posted some pictures of the bulletin boards I created.    Here is the one from August/September:

This is the one I just finished last week for October.  It's my favorite so far.

Here is Judah with the class iPad, chilling in the loft, probably after school playing angry birds. 

Judah is painting the letter J in his mainstream class.

Playground time.  Judah looks like he's reaching for a hug, but actually he was pretending to be Iron Man.

Iron Man again... on the swings.

This month is Down Syndrome Awareness month.  It also marks one year for this blog.  So cheers to all the little buddies, their families, friends, loved ones, teachers, therapists, doctors, and so on that all pitch in to give all of our buddies a chance at life.  Advocate for yours and I'll continue to do so for mine!

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