Monday, March 18, 2013


When I look at my students, I am reminded of the gift they are to their families and those of us who have the privilege of educating them. Each one has added to my life in a positive way. I am also reminded that many children are terminated in the womb when their families find out they may be born with disabilities. For every kid with Down syndrome that is granted the right to live there are ten more that were not.

I support a person’s right to choose. However, I personally feel that abortion is a horrible choice. We were given the option to abort Judah when we found out he would probably be born with Down syndrome. I am thankful every single day we chose to accept the son God gave us. Every time I hear his little voice, see his big smile, and get a huge hug from him I am reminded that we made the right choice.

This is not a political rant, just a reminder to everyone facing a potentially challenging pregnancy and possibly having a child with disabilities. It is not the end of the world. It is challenging, but it is those challenges that form us and mold us to become better human beings. I will always support your right to choose, but never your right to terminate a beautiful child just because they are not your idea of perfection. These kids are my life, this is where I belong, and this world is a better place because their parents chose to keep them.

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