Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More science.

Following up my last post about STEM in the self-contained classroom, I wanted to post some pictures of a few reptile friends that visit us weekly.  Our friend Clay, an avid cyclist (and Race Across America racer/finisher), runner, and crazy nature guy brings creepy crawlers that he hand picks from the wild.  This guy volunteers his own time to spend with my class.  

When he isn't injured, he's running, jumping, and going gonzo with the students to encourage being active outside.  Clay also has this thing for critters.  He likes to catch them and bring them to the class.  Last week he brought in a coral snake (not pictured).  It was pretty cool to have the most poisonous snake in North America in my classroom.  The fact that Clay caught it himself makes it even more rad.  Yes, he left it in a sealed and locked container while in my class!

About two years ago, Clay brought some Chuckwalla's, a type of desert lizard native to Arizona, for us to have and keep as pets in the classroom.  Some of you may remember them as "Mr. Sir" and "Twitch".  We kept them for exactly one year, then released them back to the wild.

Thanks to our friend Clay for bringing the wild into our room and giving our students a chance to see science in action!

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