Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stay humble. Stay smart. Keep moving.

Since being named the 2013 Yuma County Teacher of the Year, these past 14 months have been a whirlwind of activity for me.  This town is very serious about it's pageantry!  That's taken some getting used to, but I have no reason to puff up.  Everything I do, I would be doing without the notoriety anyway.  

I'm humble enough to know that I'm not better than anyone, and wise enough to know that I'm different than the rest.

You can look all over this blog and it should be evident right away that aside from documenting my own history with all of this, I do it to advocate.  I do it to bring a sense of balance to this crazy world from my little corner of it.  To show that life isn't "perfect" or "just so".  To expose my happy and exciting life despite what others might think of as trials or misfortune.

I know my path was laid out just the way it is.  It's like God decided to take an older tattooed hardcore/punk skateboarder, give him a kid with Down syndrome, send him to college to become a teacher, then unleash him on the education system.  This is what you get!

Judah is on my shoulders helping me yell at people on stage with the hardcore band I sing for.

I've tried to make this blog as little about myself and much more about my son and the awesome kids/people with special needs that I get to work with.  Over this past year some rad photographers have captured some pretty cool shots and put them out there for others to see.  I am eternally grateful for two things: 1) I've got some great pictures of my little dude and I, and 2) these were shown outside of digital mediums in print, ads, billboards, etc. for others to be exposed to what we do. Thank you!

Look at me mom! I'm distinguished!

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