Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In Full Effect.

I've been keeping this blog for three years now.  Back in October 2011 I started it to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness month and to keep a recorded history mostly of my son and I as it was both of our first year in education. Mine as a teacher, and him as a kinder student.  It has obviously grown to much more than that and with 122k+ visits it looks like someone is checking up with what's going on in our little corner of the world.  I like the idea that what we're doing may inspire others to teach, advocate, and include as well.  So please leave a comment or send an email.  At the very least, carry the positivity with you and pay it forward.

This school year is in full swing!  We're almost through the first 6 weeks and we've already done enough to fill an entire year!  I have more students than ever this year at 11, and a projected 2 more on the way.  Only 4 of those students are returnees, so most of my class is all new.  I'm not a complainer and love what I do, so the extra students (as opposed to the average 8 that I normally have) has just been a nice challenge for me.  Last school year I didn't have any students with Down syndrome, a first.  So this year I have gladly welcomed two "buddies" to Room N.

I also have mostly new support staff (paraprofessionals).  A total of five lovely ladies to help me out, 4 of those being brand new to not just my class, but our school as well.  New beginnings all around for Room N, but we are definitely in full effect and cruising right along.


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