Friday, April 17, 2015


Anger gets a bad rap.  It’s too often confused as being a negative emotion that must be avoided and ignored at all costs.  I grew up believing that anger is repugnant.  I have long since embraced the opposite.  Anger is like electricity.  When it is unleashed, as in a storm, it is unpredictable, dangerous, violent, and deadly.  However, when it is harnessed, respected, and channeled safely, it can produce glorious results.

So what happens when we embrace anger and allow it to course through our veins?

Anger provides a stark reminder that we are equipped to fight.  We have it within us to rage in opposition to that which poises itself against what we love.  Anger clears the path for love to prevail.  Not to be confused with physical aggression. Pure channeled anger can produce a positive energy that puts emotion and words into direct action. There is no wrong in being angry, only what we do with it.

One thing I have learned about myself is that I am equally fueled by anger and love. The marriage of the two is a delicate balance.  How to direct both in a healthy and productive manner is an art form I work at daily to perfect.  Love is often exaggerated because we’re afraid to face our own reality of the harsh experience and emotions that have also shaped our character.

I have embraced the raw anger and love that encapsulate me.  Both are deeply embedded in the fibers of my DNA.  I am full of raging vehemence for justice, respect, and compassion. I love fiercely because I am satiated with anger. I have a love for the passions and people in my life that need someone to speak and stand up for them.  My career path as a special educator is a direct result of the union of love and anger.  To ball it all up into a proverbial fist and smash stereotypes, generalizations, and assumptions placed on those with special needs.

I am continuing to learn how to direct my disdain to produce real positive change as a result.  When anger is defeated and subdued it turns into a complaint.  Complaining is for the weak of character and slams on the brakes of forward motion.  I choose to do something about it, to provide and/or produce solutions. The anger I harbor pushes me daily to carve new paths for those and that which I love.