Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spread The Word To Shut Your Sewer Mouth

This one will be short and not so sweet.  I’m going to be blunt as it’s the best way I know how to be.  If you are still using the word retard(ed), and you're ok with it, then you’ll also need to be ok with someone taxing you for talking like that.

John C. McGinnley, a well-known actor, has a son with Down syndrome.  He has made numerous comments about taxing the “R” word.  I can stand behind his opinion about it 100%.  If you belittle any other group of people with a derogatory slur, you will indefinitely be called out for it. Depending on whom you are around, and where you’re at, you just might get your nose broke or worse.

Individuals with intellectual disabilities (as a group) do not have a loud enough voice to speak up and stand up for themselves.  They need others to be their voice.  That’s why the “R” word is one of the last derogatory slurs still largely unchecked in our society.

“You’re being too PC.” Wrong. I’m being a decent human being that thinks first and cares about the words that come out of my mouth.

“It’s my right.  Freedom of speech.” The government might protect your sewer mouth, but don’t get upset when someone checks you for it and shuts it with a fist or blunt object.

“I didn’t mean it THAT way.”  No I’m sure you didn’t.  But you did use it as a “less than” term. “That’s so retarded”.  Meaning whatever you’re referring to is “less than” something else.  That translates as people with intellectual disabilities being “less than”.  If you feel that way, you have that right, but don’t expect everyone to be ok with it.

It’s just not acceptable, and it’s time for those of us with spines and loud voices to start using them in response.  How’s that for being PC?  Think before you speak and we can all continue to use our heads instead of our fists.

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